Friday, May 25, 2012

Why Basketball Is an Enthusiastic Must Watch For Every American

“Forget marathon and endurance running, basketball is the best sport to watch” so says John Zsitek. this is the one game that started right in America and so no matter where it is played in the world, the images of the NBA greats like Kobe  Bryant, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and many others always comes to mind. It is the perfect American brand name in sports and all the time, it makes for great watching. What makes the game so enthralling? Could it be the short sprints, the sharp throw and bingo! The ball is in. Sometimes, just watching the ball go through the basket is enough. Who cares why they watch it as long as they love watching the game?

A technical game, a game of calculation and speed, a game where seconds count and a game that is dominated by tall and muscular men. It is the perfect American sport if you ask me and that is why whenever the NBA season comes in, we all love catching a game or two. Did you know that in regard to the national professional sports, basketball is ranked third and in the amateur sports, it is ranked a close second? This sport is very colorful, with many associate advertising deals going down and today, we can associate many soft beverages with NBA greats.

Since it was started by Canadian born physical educationalist in 1891 in Massachusetts USA, this game has grown to be a giant sport and today, it has spilled over to other countries. It could not be contained within the borders of the US only. Many players from all parts of the world, including Africa have signed up in the NBA. The NBA, that is, the National Basketball Association is currently made up of 30 teams. 29 of the teams are American while the other one is from Canada. Every year during the summer Olympics, the NBA has been representing the USA since 1992 in the competitions and it has brought home several trophies. Played from October through June, basketball enthusiasts have a great time catching up with the progress of their favorite teams. Today, it is one of the most popular games among college students.

If you are like John Zsitek, you can say quite a lot about why you love the NBA and why you create time to catch the spirited action on the pitch. It will forever remain one of the most popular American games of all times. Men and women, children and grownups alike, watch it closely. It also provides a perfect advertising platform for corporate bodies, beverage makers, sports equipment manufacturers and so forth. It receives nationwide, if not worldwide media coverage, and now that the summer Olympics in London are just around the corner, everyone will be watching. It is little wonder that the popularity of the NBA never dwindles. Basketball will forever remain an American game. And you know what, betting bodies and punters alike make money out of it.

No sports blog will ever be complete without carrying something about basketball, the game of enthusiasm and high spirit.