Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to Shape Your American Football Player Skills

So give me American football, you know, the Gridiron, any time. That beats baseball by miles. It might not sell more tickets than baseball, but it is getting really close and anyway, this does not take the greatness out of the game. Pundits cannot agree whether the American football is bigger and more popular than baseball. Funny thing is that baseball players think that their game is the greatest in the world. Now, if a baseball player loves his game, then an American football player, for the Gridiron, as it is popularly called loves his game to death. A football player takes no chances. If you are a player, then you are welcome because this is for you. John Zsitek has advice for every player who wants to make his game better. With football, you know that you need the advice of a real tactician to help your team win.

Practice makes perfect. You have heard this so many times its boring. However, it is crucial. The more you play, the better you will become and the more you will help your team win the game.  Whatever program the coach has put in place for you is good, but it is not enough. You need some more. You need to make sure that you watch as many games as possible because if you catch the real action many times, then the more you will understand the tactics used. It is just like any other game and therefore every time that you play, you should learn something new.

Always adhere by the rules of playing football. For example, you need to make sure that you understand the defensive positions, and the offensive positions. Before the helmets crash, you should know the direction the game is heading. A good player always tries to outthink the opponent. Again, remember the need for perfect coordination because this requires a lot of teamwork. For the team to function as one, every player needs to first do his best individually. When The total effort of the players is combined, they will form a formidable force.

In football, it is sometimes hard to train as a team, except for the regular workouts. That is because for every position played, there is need for different tactics. For example, the kicker will have to be trained how to plant his foot and how to position his kicking foot. The most important thing is for every player to play his/her part very well.

As a player, you have to take care of your diet. This is not a joker. It is a threshing floor and only the best survive. American football is a very energetic game and you have to be in top form. You have to eat nutrient rich foods so that you can get the energy to go on and beat the opponents. You must also know the right warm up exercises that you should take before a match, to get your body working and in top gear for the game. Don your gear right. In the field, there are crashes and nasty falls and you want to be sure you are well protected. Of course, if you keep it here, John Zsitek will keep you informed about how to play football and win.