Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to Shape Your American Football Player Skills

So give me American football, you know, the Gridiron, any time. That beats baseball by miles. It might not sell more tickets than baseball, but it is getting really close and anyway, this does not take the greatness out of the game. Pundits cannot agree whether the American football is bigger and more popular than baseball. Funny thing is that baseball players think that their game is the greatest in the world. Now, if a baseball player loves his game, then an American football player, for the Gridiron, as it is popularly called loves his game to death. A football player takes no chances. If you are a player, then you are welcome because this is for you. John Zsitek has advice for every player who wants to make his game better. With football, you know that you need the advice of a real tactician to help your team win.

Practice makes perfect. You have heard this so many times its boring. However, it is crucial. The more you play, the better you will become and the more you will help your team win the game.  Whatever program the coach has put in place for you is good, but it is not enough. You need some more. You need to make sure that you watch as many games as possible because if you catch the real action many times, then the more you will understand the tactics used. It is just like any other game and therefore every time that you play, you should learn something new.

Always adhere by the rules of playing football. For example, you need to make sure that you understand the defensive positions, and the offensive positions. Before the helmets crash, you should know the direction the game is heading. A good player always tries to outthink the opponent. Again, remember the need for perfect coordination because this requires a lot of teamwork. For the team to function as one, every player needs to first do his best individually. When The total effort of the players is combined, they will form a formidable force.

In football, it is sometimes hard to train as a team, except for the regular workouts. That is because for every position played, there is need for different tactics. For example, the kicker will have to be trained how to plant his foot and how to position his kicking foot. The most important thing is for every player to play his/her part very well.

As a player, you have to take care of your diet. This is not a joker. It is a threshing floor and only the best survive. American football is a very energetic game and you have to be in top form. You have to eat nutrient rich foods so that you can get the energy to go on and beat the opponents. You must also know the right warm up exercises that you should take before a match, to get your body working and in top gear for the game. Don your gear right. In the field, there are crashes and nasty falls and you want to be sure you are well protected. Of course, if you keep it here, John Zsitek will keep you informed about how to play football and win.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Playing Ice Hockey – The Fastest Growing Game in America

How is ice hockey the fastest growing game in America? You may wonder. Well, this game has grown in popularity in the recent years and today, it has quite a wide fan base. In ice hockey, grace is combined with aggression. The players look very graceful gliding on the ice, but there is nothing graceful in the aggressive rush for the goal. If you or your child would love to play ice hockey, then you have chosen well. This game will teach you balance, stance and agility, all rolled into one. It is a very interesting game. This article, prepared by John Zsitek will teach you why Ice hockey is the coolest game today and how you can play it to perfection.

The first thing that one needs to do is to understand the field, and names used and the positions. For example, one needs to know that every team fields 6 players but this number could reduce because if the players commit fouls, they may be sent off. The goalies duty is to make sure that the puck does not enter the 6 feet wide goal, so his position is mainly in front of the goal. The field is divided mainly into two parts by the centre line. In either section of the field, there are two equal divisions, one for the neutral zone and the other for the defense.

And now for kick-off, if we may call it that. The game starts with the faceoff between the two centers, one from each side. The puck is dropped between the two players and then they fight for its possession with hockey sticks. The one who gets it first passes it to his/her team mates and the game is underway. A session of play runs for 20 minutes, sometimes 15 or even 10. The objective is very simple and that is to hit the puck into the opponents’ goal. Sounds easy, no? It is hard; going around the goalie is no easy job. Therefore, in most cases the games end 1-0, 2-1 and so forth.

Sometimes the game does go on to penalty shootouts. One puck in the goal is one point and so the team that has the most points wins. Ice hockey is fun to play and to watch, especially if the players are well trained. Training is everything and it is important for agility and balance while running after the puck. Online are many ice hockey drill programs that help a player get to the best form and in the shortest time possible too.

Need we say that to play Ice hockey, you need to work on your skating lessons firmly? Of course, you do and there are no two ways about this. It is all about the ice anyway and if you do not know how to skate, then you will have to learn that fast. Every day, the popularity of ice hockey grows and today it has a wide fan base. As a player, you will achieve much more. Remember that exercise and practice is the key. If you would like to help your team win and to graduate from youth league to pro teams, you will have to be consistent in your practice. Enjoy 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Why Basketball Is an Enthusiastic Must Watch For Every American

“Forget marathon and endurance running, basketball is the best sport to watch” so says John Zsitek. this is the one game that started right in America and so no matter where it is played in the world, the images of the NBA greats like Kobe  Bryant, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and many others always comes to mind. It is the perfect American brand name in sports and all the time, it makes for great watching. What makes the game so enthralling? Could it be the short sprints, the sharp throw and bingo! The ball is in. Sometimes, just watching the ball go through the basket is enough. Who cares why they watch it as long as they love watching the game?

A technical game, a game of calculation and speed, a game where seconds count and a game that is dominated by tall and muscular men. It is the perfect American sport if you ask me and that is why whenever the NBA season comes in, we all love catching a game or two. Did you know that in regard to the national professional sports, basketball is ranked third and in the amateur sports, it is ranked a close second? This sport is very colorful, with many associate advertising deals going down and today, we can associate many soft beverages with NBA greats.

Since it was started by Canadian born physical educationalist in 1891 in Massachusetts USA, this game has grown to be a giant sport and today, it has spilled over to other countries. It could not be contained within the borders of the US only. Many players from all parts of the world, including Africa have signed up in the NBA. The NBA, that is, the National Basketball Association is currently made up of 30 teams. 29 of the teams are American while the other one is from Canada. Every year during the summer Olympics, the NBA has been representing the USA since 1992 in the competitions and it has brought home several trophies. Played from October through June, basketball enthusiasts have a great time catching up with the progress of their favorite teams. Today, it is one of the most popular games among college students.

If you are like John Zsitek, you can say quite a lot about why you love the NBA and why you create time to catch the spirited action on the pitch. It will forever remain one of the most popular American games of all times. Men and women, children and grownups alike, watch it closely. It also provides a perfect advertising platform for corporate bodies, beverage makers, sports equipment manufacturers and so forth. It receives nationwide, if not worldwide media coverage, and now that the summer Olympics in London are just around the corner, everyone will be watching. It is little wonder that the popularity of the NBA never dwindles. Basketball will forever remain an American game. And you know what, betting bodies and punters alike make money out of it.

No sports blog will ever be complete without carrying something about basketball, the game of enthusiasm and high spirit.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

NASCAR Racing Event Continues To Win the Hearts of Americans

Aren’t Americans proud of their own? That is why the Phoenix International Raceway is one of the most popular sports facilities in the nation. Come race time and almost everyone is headed there. This is where the racing car enthusiasts come to see the cars compete. This is the American variant of tour car racing in other countries. It happens on an oval circuit and since it takes place during the weekends, anyone is free to go and watch the flying machines. Stock car racing may look so ordinary, but you should know that the cars taking parts are specifically modified for racing. Just do not try that at home.

What is so thrilling about NASCAR? Well, the speed is a spectacle worth paying for, but again, so is the control and the precision. The running cars are the epitome of power and strength and that is why many people cannot resist them. Even though this race is a stock car racing event, the vehicles are mounted with the most powerful engines, built for high speeds and performance. They are however close to the production car varieties. While the Daytona 500 is the most spectacular of the races that take part here, there are many other series of races and therefore fans will never miss some action going down.

Going down to the Phoenix International Raceway is going to be fun time for you and your family. This race way is in a perfect setting and as well as catch some races, you can make it a complete family retreat. There are great camping facilities and sites there. There are also superb riding trails and so you can make it a complete weekend out for the kids. The scenery is perfect, picturesque in travel speak and if you are looking for a good time, you will have it here. With a guarantee of more than 80% sunshine annually, you can be sure that few other states in the US can offer you this experience. If you are looking for a good time, then you are going to find it here. You will have the time of your life.

Almost every other time, there is a race going down in this raceway. NASCAR has many different stock car races and therefore you will always have an opportunity to go down and catch some action and after that, go for camping. Just pick your groceries on the way and go have the fun of your life. Who wants to catch their favorite car races on TV while they can be there to see it in person?

Do you love the Featherlite series of the modified cars? If you do, you will get breath stopping action from NASCAR because they also organize this where cars with wings and large tires fight it out on the oval circuit. As John Zsitek says of these cars, this is perhaps the most exciting series of the NASCAR racing. The Craftsman Truck series features pickup trucks and this too offers great excitement. Motor sport may not have begun in America, but it has finally come home, to NASCAR. Do not miss the action.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Growth of Motor Sports In America – Speed At Full Throttle

What sets Americans apart from the other people in the world? Definitely, it has to be their love for speed. Nothing can explain this better than the fact that the best motorsport racing facility is in America, in Indianapolis to be precise. They not only love driving so fast in the highways that you cannot flick a hand, but they have turned their love  for  speed into a sport  which  takes the  whole land by storm. It is amazing to see that what started  on  streets has grown to  a big  industry and  although it does not conform with  the  international  motor racing sports,  it is one of the most popular  homegrown sports in America  today. 

Motorsport makes big news in the American media, getting tons of coverage. The good thing with this sport is that it is one of the most commercialized in the world. As a spectator sport, the corporate organizations take this opportunity to pass messages about their products and services. It is little wonder then that what started as open road racing many years ago in France has now turned  into one of  the most spectacular sports of the world. Though open road racing s m till  takes  place in other places  like Africa,  in  the US, it was  banned  because the  crowds were harder to control there and  it was feared that this would cause many fatalities. Today, motor sport is held in facilities that are dedicated to this purpose only.

One of the most popular types of motor racing in America is drag racing where two cars fight it out on a laid stretch of road. As clarified further by John Zsitek, car racing is done to gauge the superiority of a car. However, the fact is that a car cannot win a race on its own but it also takes the effort of the driver. Trust Americans to love any spectacle that is blood chilling, because that is the only way that you can describe drag racing. The cars are equipped with massive engines and wings to help keep them on the ground they usually race for 10 seconds and therefore the prowess to brake and control, precision and power is what the judges look for. The best car then proceeds to the next round.

Off road racing takes place in the vast spaces in North America. This is perhaps the motor   equivalent of endurance marathon running. The vehicles are modified for off-road terrains and the races usually take place in the deserts. Sports car racing is also very popular in America. This is done in a closed racing circuit and the cars are specifically modified for racing. There are many varieties of this race because there are many varieties of cars.

Where is the fun in watching the masses of steel hurtling at superficial speeds to the finish line? Well, as John Zsitek says, it is the exhilaration, the thrill of speed of course. That is why the NASCAR experience cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world. Some things are better experienced than explained.