Saturday, May 26, 2012

Playing Ice Hockey – The Fastest Growing Game in America

How is ice hockey the fastest growing game in America? You may wonder. Well, this game has grown in popularity in the recent years and today, it has quite a wide fan base. In ice hockey, grace is combined with aggression. The players look very graceful gliding on the ice, but there is nothing graceful in the aggressive rush for the goal. If you or your child would love to play ice hockey, then you have chosen well. This game will teach you balance, stance and agility, all rolled into one. It is a very interesting game. This article, prepared by John Zsitek will teach you why Ice hockey is the coolest game today and how you can play it to perfection.

The first thing that one needs to do is to understand the field, and names used and the positions. For example, one needs to know that every team fields 6 players but this number could reduce because if the players commit fouls, they may be sent off. The goalies duty is to make sure that the puck does not enter the 6 feet wide goal, so his position is mainly in front of the goal. The field is divided mainly into two parts by the centre line. In either section of the field, there are two equal divisions, one for the neutral zone and the other for the defense.

And now for kick-off, if we may call it that. The game starts with the faceoff between the two centers, one from each side. The puck is dropped between the two players and then they fight for its possession with hockey sticks. The one who gets it first passes it to his/her team mates and the game is underway. A session of play runs for 20 minutes, sometimes 15 or even 10. The objective is very simple and that is to hit the puck into the opponents’ goal. Sounds easy, no? It is hard; going around the goalie is no easy job. Therefore, in most cases the games end 1-0, 2-1 and so forth.

Sometimes the game does go on to penalty shootouts. One puck in the goal is one point and so the team that has the most points wins. Ice hockey is fun to play and to watch, especially if the players are well trained. Training is everything and it is important for agility and balance while running after the puck. Online are many ice hockey drill programs that help a player get to the best form and in the shortest time possible too.

Need we say that to play Ice hockey, you need to work on your skating lessons firmly? Of course, you do and there are no two ways about this. It is all about the ice anyway and if you do not know how to skate, then you will have to learn that fast. Every day, the popularity of ice hockey grows and today it has a wide fan base. As a player, you will achieve much more. Remember that exercise and practice is the key. If you would like to help your team win and to graduate from youth league to pro teams, you will have to be consistent in your practice. Enjoy