Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Growth of Motor Sports In America – Speed At Full Throttle

What sets Americans apart from the other people in the world? Definitely, it has to be their love for speed. Nothing can explain this better than the fact that the best motorsport racing facility is in America, in Indianapolis to be precise. They not only love driving so fast in the highways that you cannot flick a hand, but they have turned their love  for  speed into a sport  which  takes the  whole land by storm. It is amazing to see that what started  on  streets has grown to  a big  industry and  although it does not conform with  the  international  motor racing sports,  it is one of the most popular  homegrown sports in America  today. 

Motorsport makes big news in the American media, getting tons of coverage. The good thing with this sport is that it is one of the most commercialized in the world. As a spectator sport, the corporate organizations take this opportunity to pass messages about their products and services. It is little wonder then that what started as open road racing many years ago in France has now turned  into one of  the most spectacular sports of the world. Though open road racing s m till  takes  place in other places  like Africa,  in  the US, it was  banned  because the  crowds were harder to control there and  it was feared that this would cause many fatalities. Today, motor sport is held in facilities that are dedicated to this purpose only.

One of the most popular types of motor racing in America is drag racing where two cars fight it out on a laid stretch of road. As clarified further by John Zsitek, car racing is done to gauge the superiority of a car. However, the fact is that a car cannot win a race on its own but it also takes the effort of the driver. Trust Americans to love any spectacle that is blood chilling, because that is the only way that you can describe drag racing. The cars are equipped with massive engines and wings to help keep them on the ground they usually race for 10 seconds and therefore the prowess to brake and control, precision and power is what the judges look for. The best car then proceeds to the next round.

Off road racing takes place in the vast spaces in North America. This is perhaps the motor   equivalent of endurance marathon running. The vehicles are modified for off-road terrains and the races usually take place in the deserts. Sports car racing is also very popular in America. This is done in a closed racing circuit and the cars are specifically modified for racing. There are many varieties of this race because there are many varieties of cars.

Where is the fun in watching the masses of steel hurtling at superficial speeds to the finish line? Well, as John Zsitek says, it is the exhilaration, the thrill of speed of course. That is why the NASCAR experience cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world. Some things are better experienced than explained.